A Scientific Based K9 (Canine) Dog Unit And Dog Handler Training Centre Offering The Best Service of All.

K9 – Canine Dog Training Academy that renders Specialized training in Explosives detection, Narcotics detection, Personal protection, Patrol dog, Tracking and Dog Handler training courses. Also offers Consultation, patented kennels, and a range of dog equipment and products.- see our Products & Services


Dog and Handler training – a gamble on getting what you REALLY need?


p001Safety and Security have become buzzwords in the international arena, with vastly different needs of clients across the spectrum. One thing has become very clear, however: Security and Protection dogs, trained for a variety of applications are playing an ever increasing role, in spite of numerous electronic safety and security devices becoming available in the market all the time.

The major question is not whether to use trained dogs and handlers for your safety, security, and protection needs – but how to ensure that the Security Service Provider of your choice can REALLY provide professionally trained dogs and handlers for the task at hand. Many clients have burnt their fingers (and still are) because they chose the wrong Security Service Providers or Organisations, ending up with dogs and/or handlers that have not been trained in compliance with the minimum standards set by the Private Security Regulation Authority (PSIRA), in accordance with the relevant legislation – in the process making themselves liable to a fine and/or imprisonment of up to 24 months. See Legal Requirements.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy has been the distinctive leader in the dog training and development field in South Africa since 1987, rendering services varying from the training of dogs for personal protection, handler training to the highest specifications (DH5), trained dog selling for a variety of applications, as well as accredited K9 training of dogs and handlers for specialised applications such as explosives and narcotics detection as required by governments and the private sector internationally.

 Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

  • Runs a professional training academy for dogs and handlers (Dog Trainer School for Career Pathing on how to become a dog trainer).
  • Is a PSIRA (Private Security Industry regulatory Authority) accredited dog and handler training center and a PSIRA accredited dog supplier. Training is presented by Grade A DH5 Instructors.
  • Awards certificates of competence for both dog and handler.
  • Is an accredited SASSETA (Safety And Security Sector Education And Training Authority) training service provider that presentss courses for learners that can lead to national qualifications, with qualified registered Assessors and Moderators on the premises.
  • Offers PSIRA and SASSETA accredited dog training and dog (K9) handler courses including:
    • Personal protection training
    • Service dog training
    • Dog obedience training
    • Guard dog training
    • Attack dog training
    • Patrol dog training
    • Tracker dog training
    • Substance detection dog training (sniffer dogs)
      – Narcotic detection dog training (drug detection dog)
      – Explosive detection dog training (bomb detection dog)
    • Puppy socialization training.
  • Offers consultation services internationally and locally to governmental as well as private concerns.
  • Hires out dogs and kennels.
  • Does Research on and Development of new techniques and training aids for narcotics detection dogs and explosives detection dogs, using  advanced training methods.
  • Develops and utilizes vapour training aids for training and continuation training of dogs and handlers for substance detection in their own fully equipped laboratory.
  • Has dogs for sale that are stringently tested for physical suitability, good temperament, and behaviour.
  • Advises and implements programmes for integrating dogs into families (companion animals – ethology).
  • Offers a kennelling service (Boarding Kennels) for clients’ Dogs.
  • Supplies service dog equipment (dog kennels, dog harnesses, dog leashes, dog check chains etcetera).
  • Provides a scientific dog behavioural consultancy service.

Our Mission

To provide, through our Academy and Research Institute, a highly professional service to satisfy our customers’ needs in the most cost-effective and productive manner; to be the service provider of choice because of our high quality of service, performance and commitment to the highest standards of professionalism; to perform as team players that show respect for colleagues; to develop and maintain capacity for:

  • Professional accredited training of dog handlers to the highest international standards for SASSETA (Safety And Security Sector Education And Training Authority) and PSIRA  (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) accredited courses
  •  Top class professional consultation services regarding all aspects of dog and handler matters
  • Specialized accredited training of handlers and dogs for:
    • Substance detection (explosives, narcotics)
    • Patrol dog duties
    • Tracker dog applications
    • Personal protection
    • Puppy socialization
  • To do ongoing Research and Development in our own laboratory to develop the best training aids and techniques to enhance the performance of both dogs and handlers, especially in specialised fields like narcotics and explosives detection.

 Leaders through Research


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