Our approach to Personal Protection Dog K9/ Security Dog K9 Training

Through years of experience and excellently qualified personnel, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy clients are introduced to a Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training experience they will never forget. Braveheart training eliminates the barriers in the relationship between man and dog. Our clients discover with delight the intriguing world of the dog’s emotions, thoughts, and characteristics. After Braveheart Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training,

the dog becomes a friend, companion, family member, and protector – not an unpredictable killing machine to be locked behind high fences to keep it under control.

Our training is aimed at creating clear communication between owner and dog, and our approach is that on completion of training, the dog must form part of the family structure. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy training is therefore focused on two entities: the dog that has to be trained; and the human (owner/family/handler) that has to be trained to handle the dog correctly. This approach makes Braveheart’s Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training a world leader in the field.


Protection dogs are part of the family

The foundation of Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training

As we have said in previous blogs, training a dog is like building a house: one should start at the foundation. Therefore, we first concentrate on:

  • Basic Obedience – you must be able to exercise full control over the dog.
  • Distance Control – so that you can control the dog and give instructions from a distance
  • Self Confidence – the dog must be able to work on its own, even when his minder is not with him
  • Natural Aggression – this plays an important part in the training. We do not teach the dog to attack, we bring out its natural aggression. The dog is a territorial animal. Its territorial behavior is however not only geographical but also includes the people populating its world. The dog sees his people as part of his territory, and a properly trained dog will protect you because it wants to, not because it has to. The purpose of our Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training is to blend the dog and its family into one integral unit.

Protection dog ready with his owner

Training the dog’s “family” after Personal Protection / Security Dog Training

You and your family’s coaching takes place when you fetch the dog after completion of its Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training, and takes approximately 1 hour. This comprises firstly theoretical training in our lecture room – to enable you to give scientifically sound instructions. We also answer any questions you may have.

Next, we give you practical training at our outdoor training facility to enable you to control your dog in real life situations, and to do everything with the dog we have taught it. On completion, you will be able to do continuous training with your dog at home.

Protection dogs ready to work

Our team conducting Personal Protection Dog / Security Dog K9 Training

Our Academy is accredited with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulating Authority as well as SASSETA (Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority On completion of training we issue a formal Certificate of Competence. Our highly-qualified training personnel include instructors, facilitators, assessors, and moderators.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s owner, John Greyvenstein has a Master’s Degree in Genetics, and did his thesis on working dogs. He is one of the most highly accredited dog trainers in the country, and also facilitates dogs and handlers’ training overseas. John Greyvenstein personally evaluates all dogs before certificates are issued, and all training takes place under his personal supervision.

Duration of Personal Protection Dog K9 / Security Dog K9 Training

Training normally lasts 4 – 6 weeks* and takes place at our Academy, which is situated 35 km east of Pretoria virtually right next to the N4 highway to Witbank. We conduct Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training in Pretoria as well as in Gauteng as a whole.

 NB: *Training is proficiency based (until the dog has been trained to the level of its natural potential), NOT for a predetermined period of time.

We Train Dogs Professionally

Kenneling during Personal Protection Dog K9 / Security Dog K9 Training

Kenneling and food are included in our program, which also creates the ideal opportunity to bring your Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) Training just before you go on holiday, saving you kenneling fees for the training period – and your dog can be kenneled for a further period, if arranged beforehand.

A FREE follow-up training session is conducted approximately 14 days after the dog has been fetched, to ensure that your Personal Protection Dog K9 (Canine) / Security Dog K9 (Canine) and your handling of the dog have settled in.

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