What does K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture entail?

In our recent blogs we gave an insight into the services and main products offered by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy; now we are going to give you an insight into K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture.

Understanding K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture

Dogs were the first animal species to be domesticated by man. Over the ages, dogs have become synonymous with loyalty, companionship, protection, and faithful service rendering in all countries across the world. This is K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture in a nutshell.

K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture encompasses many services

Dogs are not only utilized for protection, tracking and patrol work, and for detecting narcotics and explosives, but also for applications across the board. Think of guide dogs for the blind; companion dogs for the aged and lonely; therapeutic treatment for people with psychiatric or other emotional disturbances; therapy for autistic, abused, or traumatized children; service dogs for physically disabled and deaf people; and recently also to help detect cancer at an early stage. This is what K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture is all about!


Braveheart and K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture

All the above mentioned applications have one thing in common: the dogs used must be professionally trained. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is proud of the fact that their professional socialization (puppy dog) training lays a sound foundation for whatever application a dog is going to be trained for. K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture, for whatever application, is built on how well the young dog/puppy has been trained/socialized.

The importance of K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture

Every year, narcotics detection dogs prevent tons of illegal drugs being smuggled into countries around the world – protecting children and young adults from being dragged into a dead-end street, as well as containing the suffering these countries’ economies experience because of this scourge. Explosives detection dogs annually save many innocent people from being maimed or killed by ruthless fanatics; and countries from being destabilized – K9 Dog Training- the Bigger Picture in action.

Accolades for the dogs and people that make K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture possible

We salute all the dogs rendering selfless services to the human race – and we salute the Braveheart Training Team for their professional and selfless dedication to their important role in making K9 Dog Training – the Bigger Picture possible.

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