The Bio-Hut and Bio-Bin K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – Self-feeder is a unique, patented K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder scientifically designed, developed and tested by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein to enhance the comfort of the dog and simplify the task of its minder, while representing a significant cost saving.

K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel

K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel

 Features and Benefits of the K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

  • Economy – the Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) dog Self-feeder represents a saving of up to 60% on the capital cost of a standard kennel, and drastically cuts working and maintenance expenses
  • Modular – easy to transport, and can be erected easily and quickly, in single units or multiples
  • Can be used as permanent or temporary housing for the dog – should you move house at any stage, the Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder moves with you to your new home
  • Anti-corrosive materials, and maintenance-free – specially treated for protection against corrosion
  • Hygienic and easy to clean – does not need an expensive drainage system, and the handler need not even go into the K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder to clean it

K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

The Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder includes the patented Bio-Bin

 The Bio-Bin is a unique self-feeder for dogs which creates a significant saving in labour as well as wastage of food.

  • Cost effective – filled with 10 kg of food at a time, eliminating wastage and saving on labour, as food only has to be replenished approximately once a week
  • Food remains dry and hygienic, and every dog eats what is necessary for its energy requirements
  • The Bio-Bin can be filled from the outside, without having to go inside the Bio-Hut
  • The Bio-Bin can also be purchased as a free standing unit

Design of the K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

The dog’s natural behavior and comfort were given prime consideration in the design of the Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder, and in particular the sleeping quarters. All physical needs of the dog are satisfied: It protects against radiated heat, cold and rain; and the unique sleeping quarters ensure a tranquil shelter for the dog to rest undisturbed, also when the kennel is being cleaned – largely eliminating stress factors for the dog.

  • The design ensures a cozy, warm sleeping place in winter, while proper ventilation creates a cool resting area for the dog in summer.
  • The height of the kennel ensures that the dog will not tire or hurt itself by jumping up and down.
  • When erecting more than one or a series of Bio-Huts, none of the dogs can see into the adjoining kennels – thereby eliminating stress, and reducing the noise level created by incessant barking.
  • Even lactating bitches are catered for: The sleeping quarters create a respite area from her puppies to prevent them from constantly harassing her by trying to suckle all the time.
K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel

K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel

Capital outlay for a K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

The capital outlay for a K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder combined, including the Sleeping Quarters and VAT is modest and realistic, while the cost of an adjoining Bio-Hut or -Huts is even better per unit. The K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder (Bio-Bin) is also available on its own as a free-standing unit;

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