Advanced Training

Dog Handler Advanced Training

After completing DH1 and DH2 (Dog Handler 1 & 2) training, an ambitious individual can advance his career by enrolling for DH3 and DH4 – Dog Handler advanced training. At the end of the training, the Dog Handler will be able to carry out arrests with the aid of his dog, within the ambit of the law; know how to exercise crowd control; and be aware of factors influencing the dog’s performance.

In terms of the PSIRA and SASSETA alignment, the above two courses, together with DH1 and DH2 constitute having achieved  DH4 standard – constituting advanced Dog Handler training. Training is presented against a Unit Standard, which means that learners can accumulate credits that can lead to a National Higher Education qualification (i.e. Diploma or Degree).

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is one of only a few private training providers in the RSA that can boast both PSIRA and SASSETA accreditation, and can therefore present Dog Handler advanced training up to DH5.

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