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Professional K9 Dog and Handler Team for International and Local Application

Quantum Leap for Professional K9 Dog and Handler Teams for International and Local Application In our previous blog we shared the approach used to train specialist dogs for International and local application.  We mentioned that a Professional K9 Dog and Handler Team for International and Local Application – on which the spotlight will fall in […]

Canine (K9) Dog Genetics

Theories about K9 Dog Genetics Over the years there have been many theories about how the domestication of dogs took place. Some people believed that the dog evolved from a jackal-like animal which became extinct; others believed that dogs descended from the Pariah dog which still roams wild or semi-wild in North Africa, the Middle […]

Detection-Sniffer Dog-K9 Training

Breakthrough in Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training In 2005, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy made an important breakthrough in Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training for the Detection of narcotics and explosives.  The research undertaken by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein and South African scientist Dr. Fanie van der Walt. John Greyvenstein holds a BSc Honors degree […]

Obedience Dog-K9 Canine Training

Starting at the foundation of Obedience Dog-K9 Canine Training Obedience Dog-K9 Canine Training is like building a house: one should start at the foundation. The ideal situation is if the Dog-K9 Canine can be presented for socialization training between the ages of 6 and 16 weeks. It however happens quite often that people want Braveheart […]

Braveheart trains Substance Detection Dogs

Braveheart trained Narcotics and Explosives substance detection dogs are used internationally with resounding success in widely differing countries, and can even detect the new generation of so-called “Mother of Satan” explosives. Braveheart trained Ecological substance detection dogs are able to detect eco-products like dried or fresh meat, and even live animals of endangered species often […]