Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy: PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

We professionally train:

  • Dogs for Personal Protection – and train their owners as well to be able to handle them correctly.
  • Dogs and Handlers for Security Services and patrol duties
  • Tracker dogs – dogs over a wide spectrum of breeds are successfully trained in tracker dogs.
  • Narcotics and Explosive Detection dogs – Braveheart sniffer dogs are used internationally with resounding success in widely differing countries, even including detecting the new generation of “Mother of Satan” explosives.
  • Ecological Substance Detection dogs – able to detect Eco-products like dried or fresh meat, and even live animals of endangered species often smuggled through border posts.
  • The smell sensor developed in our laboratory are the most accurate in the world, and hold no risk for either dog or handler.

Wherever possible, Braveheart trains dogs and handlers as a team.

The Braveheart Academy boast specially designed outdoor and indoor training facilities simulating real life situations to which the dogs will be exposed.

We have a well-appointed guesthouse in the Academy’s grounds to accommodate trainee handlers, with 3 meals per day included.

Braveheart is Accredited with both PSIRA and SASSETA, and our qualifications are recognized nationally and internationally.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy has become the highest training norm internationally, consistently meeting and sometimes exceeding international training standards.

An extensive range of working dog related products are also available.