As promised, a post dedicated to Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s independent K9 laboratory research. Braveheart is a world leader in dog training to detect narcotics, explosives, and Eco-products. In our independent laboratory, situated on the Academy’s premises we have developed the most advanced vapor strips in the world to train dogs for drugs, explosives and Eco-products detection with a minimum of false indications, and without posing any danger to either dog or handler.

Our vapor strips can for instance detect the sophisticated explosives of the so-called “Mother of Satan” variety, which are undetectable by other devices.

Braveheart’s K9 laboratory researched vapor strips enable the dog to get a distinct, uncontaminated scent, preventing incorrect identification.

A recent breakthrough (2016) was achieved when Braveheart, on request of a neighboring country developed a K9 laboratory researched aid to successfully train sniffer dogs to detect dried or fresh meat as well as endangered live animal species that are regularly being smuggled through border posts.

The highly successful Braveheart Bio-Dog kennel and feeder combination was also developed internally, after thorough research by Braveheart owner, John Greyvenstein into the requirements and cost structure of professional housing for working dogs. John holds an MSc degree in Genetics, and his thesis script was on working dogs.