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What do we offer?

Exciting New Learner Platform

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy through research offers a four (4) day training course comprising of theoretical component and practical component to ensure the learner an applied competency for the DH1 and DH2 course. The latest research and innovation from Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy now offers an exciting three (3) day new learning platform to achieve your DH1 and DH2 PSIRA qualification. The advantages brought to the learner and or companies is the enhanced ability to achieve the qualification with more flexibility, time saving and very importantly saving of cost to achieve qualification for both Dog Handlers and or Companies involved. 

You are saving on the following:

  • Total Course Cost
  • Time away from work
  • Time away from home
  • Accommodation Cost
  • Traveling Cost

This innovation has brought this sought after qualification as an online DH1 and DH2 Dog Handler course in less time. 

What can you expect when signing up for the online Dog Handler course?

The course you are about to sign up for is the theory for a PSIRA accredited Dog Handler course.

The course is an introduction to Dog Handling in the security setting. The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) sets the standards for what is required to obtain a qualification which can be registered under your name as a security officer.

The introduction course looks at:

  • Use of Security Dogs
  • Classifications of Security Dogs
  • General Health of Dogs
  • Safety when working with Security Dogs
  • How to Patrol with a Security Dog
  • Patrol Techniques with a Security Dog

This is an overview of what can be expected on the online Dog Handler Course Level 1 and 2.

Why Dog Handler Level 1 and 2 (DH1-DH2)?

When looking at the NQF aligned qualification, DH1 alone is not recognized as a qualification, but DH1 and DH2 is recognized as a qualification. Our aim is to train competent security officers working with security dogs in the South-African setting.

The online course will not be recognized as a qualification without the practical training at our academy, it is the theory part of the course only. Completing the theory in your own time saves you time in training when you join us for your practical training.

With your online training certificate, practical training will be done in less time spent at our academy (less time away from work and home). 

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