Dog Trainer vs Dog Handler

Dog Trainer vs Dog Handler – different roles

There is often confusion about the difference between the role of a Dog Trainer versus a Dog Handler. A Dog trainer is responsible for “shaping” (formatting) the dog via the training process. A good example is that the Dog Trainer must not work from the perspective of creating a vicious, dangerous dog that should be kept behind walls or fences, and should not be allowed to come into contact with children.

His challenge is to bring to the fore the dog’s natural aggression. This results in a dog that can be a Nemesis to criminals or other intruders; but at the same time a trusted family friend and a caring companion for children.


Environmental requirements for Dog Trainer vs Dog Handler

In the utilization of specialized dog and handler teams in different operational environments, it is of paramount importance to create a training environment that facilitates achieving the highest possible accuracy in the tasks of both the Dog Trainer and the Dog Handler. For this reason, Braveheart created a training environment at their Academy simulating various environments in which Dog and Handler teams might be deployed. These include a warehouse; vehicles; environments with people around (like airports, shopping centers etc); different containers (like crates, bags and/or suitcases); and more.


The basic foundation for Dog Trainer Success

A dogs training process starts at a very early stage, when the trainer socializes a young dog (puppy  training) to lay the foundation for becoming a Star Service Dog for one or more specialized applications.

Clear distinction between Dog Handler vs Dog Handler responsibilities

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s philosophy is to make a clear distinction between a Dog Trainer and Dog Handler. They extensively researched the roles of the Dog Trainer and Dog Handler; and developed training programs for dog handlers and dogs. Relevant professional training materials and training aids ensure top class results.

The importance of the approach to Dog Trainer vs Dog Handler

The roles of a Dog Trainer vs Dog Handler in the quality of Dog and Handler teams are both of high importance. It should however be noted that a trained dog as part of a Dog and Handler team can only be as good as the quality of its Handler: a good Dog Handler can enhance the capabilities of the dog, but not vice versa.