Breakthrough in Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training

In 2005, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy made an important breakthrough in Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training for the Detection of narcotics and explosives.  The research undertaken by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein and South African scientist Dr. Fanie van der Walt. John Greyvenstein holds a BSc Honors degree in Zoology, and an MSc in Genetics. The subject of his Master’s thesis was Working Dog-K9 (Canine)s.

Research on Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training using vapour strips

The research was done in Braveheart’s own laboratory, situated on the grounds of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy at Rayton (near Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa), these results effectively eliminated the biggest problems surrounding Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training and application for the Detection of narcotics–drug and explosives. The vapour strips they developed contain a pure odour that cannot be contaminated by other odours. This effectively eliminated false indications. The training aids also pose no danger to either the trainer or the dog-K9 (Canine), and cannot be abused by anybody. With proper precautions, they are also easy to protect against contamination, and can be stored securely.

Substance Detection Dog K9 (Canine) – Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

Substance Detection Dog K9 (Canine) – Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

No more danger in Detection–Sniffer dog-K9 (Canine) training

John Greyvenstein points out that there has been a complete move away from the use of potentially dangerous explosive and narcotic substances.  Potentially dangerous side-effects are thus avoided. The approach to training now revolves around the socializing of dog-K9 (Canine), a formative phase, training, and continuous maintenance training.

The necessity of Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training

Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training has become a most necessary service in the modern world- Narcotics-drugs Detection plays a crucial part in ensuring that ruthless smugglers cannot bring narcotics-drugs into a country – with the potential to ruin many young lives; leading to unproductivity, crime, and eventually death.

Equally important is the Detection of explosives – which are widely used throughout the modern world to kill or maim innocent citizens; and can compromise the safety of countries as a whole.

Substance Detection Dog K9 (Canine) - Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

Substance Detection Dog K9 (Canine) – Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

Breakthrough in Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training

A recent breakthrough achieved by Braveheart’s continuous research was developing vapour strips for Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training to detect eco-products. There are constant incidents (especially in Africa) of people trying to smuggle eco-products through border posts-fresh and dried meat products as well as live animals of endangered species. This endangers the continued existence of the endangered species as well as creating the possibility of animals in the recipient  countries being killed off by diseases they have no immunity against.

 Training facilities for Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training

Detection-Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training should include training facilities that simulate real life as closely as possible. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy boasts indoor and outdoor Detection–Sniffer Dog-K9 (Canine) training facilities simulating real life environments like open areas, vehicles, containers – and even a warehouse.