Tracker Dogs For Sale

Professional Tracker Dog Training must cover a variety of applications. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy has done extensive research on Tracker Dog Training. The aim is to minimize false indications, and to accommodate continuation training.

Dogs used for tracking purposes must be well trained in:

  • Obedience
  • With or without aggression work (depending on the client’s requirements)
  • Tracks of various lengths
  • Various ages of scent trails

The success of the use of tracker dogs depends in the first place on the handler being well trained with his tracker dog.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s Tracker Dog Handler Training includes assessing a scene for possible tracks; providing a scent to a tracker dog; preparing the tracker dog to follow a scent; utilize the Tracker Dog to follow the scent track; and to locate and identify a suspect or animal that was being followed.

NB: When choosing a Tracker Dog, bear in mind that there is no specific breed of dog that is most suitable for tracking – Braveheart  Bio-Dog Academy trains vastly different breeds to become tracking dogs (Around 2006, the best tracker dog at Braveheart was Mamba, a crossbreed dachshund).

All dogs are supplied with:

  • Health Certificate
  • Micro Chip
  • Hip Dysplasia results

We have the following Tracker Dogs readily available at present:

Tracker Dogs For Sale