Donate a Dog

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy Understands What It Means To Donate Your Dog 

Donate your dog
Donate your dog

The bond between a dog and its owner is lasting and unbreakable, and donating your dog never even comes to mind. Any person owning a dog would agree that there is mutual unconditional love, one can find no better friend than your four legged furry one.

No one understands this bond better than the Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy team members, who are not just dog trainers, but dog lovers who put the health, needs and safety of the dogs in their care above everything else. Founder and Owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein loves dogs so much that he made them the subject of the thesis for his Masters Degree, and dedicated the past 35 years to establishing Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy as one of the world leaders in dog and handler training, training dogs to reach their full potential in whatever field is most suited to them, and to achieve better communication between human and canine through research and science.

Choosing a dog as a companion carries great responsibility, and is a lifelong commitment that no one intends to or plan to break – but sometimes life happens, and unforeseen circumstances force you to find a new home for your canine friend. The good news is that the Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy team understands the heartbreak that comes with having to part with your dog. Whether it is your living arrangements, or your life getting too busy to be able to give your dog the time and attention it needs and deserves, our team understands your predicament.

Donating Your Dog To Our Family

Finding a suitable new home for your dog then becomes another big responsibility, as you have little or no guarantee that you will find a happy and healthy environment for your dog to spend the remainder of its life. The fear of it ending up in a bad environment can be overwhelming.

When donating your dog to Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, that fear will be eliminated: Instead of entrusting the future of your dog to a stranger who cannot guarantee a bright future for your furry friend, give us the honour of training it to become a protection dog, or to contribute to the wellbeing of humans and Society in another way.

Donate Your Dog To Play With Us
Donate Your Dog To Play With Us

Why Donate Your Dog To Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy?

You may think your companion is not made for protection service and is just a family dog – but there might be a potential Hero lurking inside it. Dogs raised in a happy secure family environment have the natural instinct to be more protective towards their owners and handlers. This is also true for substance detection dogs. Donating your dog to Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy creates the perfect opportunity for your dog to be trained to protect citizens and society against criminals and criminal activities.

When donating your dog to our Academy, not only will you be giving your dog the chance to become a security dog capable of saving lives; you will also empower us to help better protect society and our citizens.

Our Specialities

One of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s specialities is training dogs for Narcotics and Explosives Detection, so your dog might be able to help in the fight against drugs and terrorism. We also train dogs for tracking – being able to follow blood and other trails. Another Braveheart speciality is training dogs to sniff out eco-products and endangered animal and plant species. Your dog can therefore become a crucial role player in stopping poachers from destroying our endangered wildlife.

We have our own research laboratory situated on the Braveheart campus, and continually strive to make the training process more scientific and professional.

Donors can be assured that Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s approach to dog training is professional, and founded on positive training techniques – there is no element of punishment or force for dogs involved in the training process.

Not only will your dog be a valuable protector, it will be cared for and looked after as becomes a warrior and hero of its calibre. Every dog on our campus has its own patented kennel for its comfort and convenience. The Braveheart Bio-Hut was designed and patented by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy after many years of research and development to meet all the needs and requirements a canine protector might have, so you can rest assured that it will be treated as Royalty at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy.

Happy Donated Dog In Training With Its Handler
Happy Donated Dog In Training With Its Handler


Ensuring A Good Future For Your Dog

When donating your dog to our Academy, not only will you ensure a good future and home for your dog, you are also making your own contribution to the protection of the public.

By and large, do not make the mistake of sending your dog into an unpredictable new “home” – donate it to Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, and have the peace of mind that it will be a part of a family and a team of lifesavers. Give your dog the future it deserves by donating your dog for such a noble purpose.