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Dog Handler Training Courses

Any Security Service Provider or Organisation wanting to provide or use dogs and/or trained handlers must comply with the minimum standards in terms of the Government Gazette No. 19067 Board Notice 120, and Government Gazette 19740 Board Notice 15.

The minimum standards determine that:

  • A security officer working with a dog must have been trained at an accredited dog training and supplier centre.
  • A Security Service Provider who provides dogs and trained handlers must be accredited as a Security Dog Supplier.
  • Clients who make use of dogs and/or handlers must ensure that their Security Service Providers comply with the relevant legislation.
  • All dogs used must have the necessary identification, and must have been trained at an accredited dog training centre.

PSIRA Qualification

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is an accredited training service provider for PSIRA, and can train any individual to the level required for the issuing of a PSIRA certificate stating his level of competence with regard to dog training/handling. We train handlers from DH (Dog Handler)1 up to DH5 level, and can also make arrangements for PSIRA registration.

Dog Handler standards:


Basic obedience and aggression on leash.Classification and use of dog breeds.

Care and utilization of dog breeds


Advanced obedience and aggression on leash.

Working with your dog in an environment where people are present.


Advanced obedience and aggression + remote control.  5 – 10 metre distance control with your dog.


Highest level of obedience, independent work on and off leash including Attack off leash.


Substance detection (narcotics, explosives etc).

Full control of your dog while working off leash.

  NB: Braveheart also trains dogs to the required standards for PSIRA Dog Certification

Board and lodging available for students on the campus, if required.

Protection Dog attacking an intruder

Attack Dog Training Photo:  Felix Dlangamandla/Beeld Newspaper

DH5 Training (Substance Detection: Explosives & Narcotics)

Braveheart is one of only a few private Service Providers in South Africa accredited by PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority) to train dog handlers to DH5 level for the handling of specialized sniffer dogs to detect Narcotics or Explosives (drugs and bombs).

Using a unique technique developed by Braveheart (see Research & Development), neither dog nor handler get into contact with the actual substances. Potentially dangerous side effects are thus avoided.

The new techniques for the application of sniffer dogs have opened significant new career opportunities in specialised dog handling for both private security firms who want to have their officers trained for narcotics and explosives detection making use of dogs, and for private individuals who want to follow a lucrative career in specialised dog handling.

NB: Training is proficiency based – time is used efficiently and effectively – and acknowledges RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). This ensures that a specific outcome is achieved.

NB: We can also evaluate private individuals who are interested in a career in dog handling for PSIRA registration and, if successful, prepare them for PSIRA certification.


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