K9 Dog Food Nutrition – We Offer Only the Best Canine Dog Food

Irrespective of the sophistication of the aids used when training dogs for whatever application, or the expertise of the trainer, good nutritional K9 Dog Food is essential to achieve professional results.  Outstanding Canine Dog Food is the one basic building block to achieve professional results.


We fulfill our clients’ expectations for the most appropriate K9 Dog Food

Braveheart is acutely aware of the importance of using only the most appropriate Dog Food. We therefore supply only the very best K9 Dog Food, enhancing the range of professional services offered to our clients. 

Having been in the K9 Dog Training industry for a few decades already, we know that the key elements of dog food must include the following:

  • The nutritional value of the food in relation to every stage of the dog’s life, starting at the puppy stage; and also, the size and ideal weight of the dog.
  • Affordability to the dog owner.
  • Consistence of availability.
  • The ability to maintain consistent high quality throughout the active lifetime of the dog – building up the dog during its growing up phase; and maintaining it when the dog has reached maturity

Pitfalls when Creating a Whole Food

Braveheart knows the overriding hidden pitfalls in a dog’s reaction to its food (like allergic skin reactions; and the absence of specialized additives to make the brand a “whole” food). Factors to constantly keep in mind are the nutritional profile balance between protein, carbohydrates, fats/oils, vitamins and minerals; as well as ease of absorption.

To enable us to successfully add dog food to our range of products and services, we took an in-depth look at what was currently lacking in the marketplace regarding a dog’s nutritional requirements, and how we could rectify it.

We knew beforehand that even after we had found the missing factor, we would not be able to sit back and  relax, but would have to stay abreast of new developments that would enable us to keep on leading the pack. Especially with more new brands regularly being introduced into the marketplace, and with new techniques and technology emerging, we would have to pro-actively monitor dog food per se on a continuous basis.


Consistent High  Quality

To ensure top maintenance and performance of your service dog(s), Braveheart does regular monitoring to ensure that consistent high quality is maintained in our dog food.





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