K9 Explosives and Firearm Detection Services

Braveheart Bio Dog Academy Explosives Detection Dog Queen
Explosives Detection Dog Queen

Explosives and Firearms constitute one of the biggest threats that is a current reality in South Africa, for this reason you should make use of what is still the best field detector: a Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy trained K9 Explosives and Firearms Detection unit.

When you want to ensure the safety of the public at any event, or when hosting Very Important Persons (VIPs), you need to ensure that you are using only the best detectors. The technology developed in Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s laboratory are used to train our Explosives and Firearm Detection Dogs. There is therefore no way to hide firearms or explosives from being detected by the Braveheart K9 Unit. The dogs are also a visible symbol of proactive security that serves as a deterrent, adding an extra precautionary measure to declare the safety of a vehicle or area.

DH5 Explosives and Firearm Handler
DH5 Explosives and Firearm Handler

Where the K9 Team Works

Explosives and Firearm Detection Dogs are chosen using stringent selection criteria to ensure that they are optimally suited for the function they must fulfil they must be able to perform their tasks in any environment and situation.  This enables the Explosives and Firearm Detection Team which includes the K9 Handler that is also trained to the highest level and registered at PSiRA as Dog Handlers Level 5 (DH5) to deploy and work effectively together to ensure the safety of clients and the public.


Explosives Detection Training
Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy DH5 Trainer and Dog in training


Explosives Detection Dog with Handler and Equipment
Explosives Detection Dog with Handler and Equipment

The Explosives and Firearm Detection Team is adaptable and can be deployed both outdoors and indoors, including – but not limited to:

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy K9 Detection Team searching luggage
Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy K9 Detection Team searching luggage.
  • Assembly areas
  • Offices
  • Employee areas
  • Restrooms
  • Private rooms
  • Boardrooms
  • Stage and backstage areas
  • Loading areas
  • Warehouses
  • Call Centers
  • Courier companies
  • Special events
  • Public events


Other areas include:

  • Vehicle searches at entry and exit points
  • Parking lots
  • Cargo bays
  • Baggage areas
  • Public squares

What to Expect

We assist in the planning of any event or random search that is required. Planning is crucial for effective execution of detection services. We assist in and discuss the following topics:

Search Area/s

Our team works together with the management team to determine the exact areas to be searched. Determine and assess any critical or vital points that need to be covered. Determine estimate time required, according to the area to be searched.

Operational Procedures

Our team will discuss and determine, in conjunction with the responsible person standard operational and evacuation procedures; and the relevant authorities that should be contacted in the event of identification of an explosive device.

The Search

The detection team will do an assessment of the area if prior access to the area is not available, to determine the best search plan. The search plan will be communicated to the person responsible for the scene where the search will be conducted. A dedicated person must be present or in close proximity to accompany the detection team. If there are multiple detection teams operating at the same time, there needs to be a dedicated person present for every team.

We also provide detection services at International Blue Chip Companies’ Head Quarters, where dogs and handlers are stationed permanently to conduct routine sweeps at different areas of the offices and buildings, ensuring safety at all times for employees and executives – proper planning saves lives.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s Explosives and Firearms K9 Detection Team is only a phone call away.