Bio-Hut & Bio-Bin Dog Kennel: The Scientific Solution

Because the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John M. Greyvenstein (M.Sc) was aware of the shortcomings of traditional  Dog Kenneling, he conducted a scientific study on how a fully functional Dog Kennel should look to optimally fulfill the needs of a dog. This study resulted in the birth of the Bio-Hut, a scientifically developed and tested Dog Kennel to achieve the ideal environment for a dog in training or kenneling. Coupled with the simultaneous developing of the Bio-Feeder, the combination enhance the comfort of the dog and also simplifies the task of its minder, while representing significant cost and time saving.

Features and Benefits of the Bio-Hut

The Bio-Hut in its development took into consideration the behaviour of the dog. Research was done so that the dog is in a calm environment which allows training to take place effectively. The kennels were designed so that dogs cannot see other dogs. This is a key feature in keeping the dogs calm. The kennel has an elevated sleeping area that gives the dog a safe place, should it feel threatened in the new environment.

The sleeping area is multi-purpose – with airflow that helps to create a warm air cushion in winter (hot air rises). Underneath the sleeping area there is a double insulated cool area facilitated by the roof and sleeping board, with cold air moving down (in summer). When cleaning the kennel, the dog has a place where it can hide from the water – preventing anxiety.

The roof completely encloses the kennel, eliminating radiation heat from the sun, and prevents the walls from attributing to rising temperatures in the kennel.

Kennels facing North allows for sun to fall on the entire floor during winter at a researched unique angle for eliminating pathogens and facilitating heat regulation.

The roof is 1.3 meter high, removing the possibility for the dog to jump and see other dogs. Regarding the self-feeder it also eliminates the dogs expecting meals, and avoids jumping. With the dogs calm and not jumping, it also excludes wrong exercise that might lead to the development of Hip-Displasia. 

Features and Benefits of the Bio-Bin

 The Bio-Bin is a unique self-feeder for dogs which creates a significant saving in labour as well as wastage of food.

  • Cost effective – filled with 10 kg of food at a time, eliminating wastage and saving
  • on labour, as food only has to be replenished approximately once a week

  • Food remains dry and hygienic, and every dog eats what is necessary for its energy requirements
  • The Bio-Bin can be filled from the outside, without having to go inside the Bio-Hut
  • The Bio-Bin can also be purchased as a free standing unit

Practical Considerations

  • Economy – the Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel and K9 (Canine) dog Self-feeder represent a saving of up to 60% on the capital cost of a standard kennel, and drastically cuts working and maintenance expenses
  • Modular – easy to transport, and can be erected easily and quickly, in single units or multiples
  • Can be used as permanent or temporary housing for the dog – should you move house at any stage, the Bio-Hut K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder moves with you to your new home
  • Anti-corrosive materials, and maintenance-free – specially treated for protection against corrosion
  • Hygienic and easy to clean – does not need an expensive drainage system, and the handler need not even go into the K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder to clean it
  • When erecting more than one or a series of Bio-Huts, none of the dogs can see into the adjoining kennels – thereby eliminating stress, and reducing the noise level created by incessant barking
  • Even lactating bitches are catered for: The sleeping quarters create a respite area from her puppies to prevent them from constantly harassing her by trying to suckle all the time

Benefits of the Bio-Hut & Bio-Bin

(as endorsed by numerous veterinarians)

  • The dog is very calm
  • The self-feeder eliminates Gastric Dilatation and Torsion
  • Food spillage or wastage is almost 0%
  • No kennel pacing
  • No Jumping
  • Minimal paw licking if any
  • No Weaving
  • No continuous barking or howling
  • Allows for easy and effective cleaning – handlers do not have to enter the kennel to clean, which reduces stress for new dogs
  • Soft pads or inter-digital dermatitis are extremely rare
  • Almost no kennel injuries
  • Infection control is excellent – no pathogen build-up or spreading of disease

Capital outlay for a K9 (Canine) Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder

The capital outlay for a  Dog Kennel – K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder combined, including the Sleeping Quarters and VAT is modest and realistic, while the cost of an adjoining Bio-Hut or -Huts is even better per unit. The K9 (Canine) Dog Self-feeder (Bio-Bin) is also available on its own as a free-standing unit.