K9 Drugs Sweeps

K9 Dog Narcotics Sweeps are necessitated by the fact that drugs are used as a gateway to fueling crime and criminal activities, terrorist activities, subversion of whole populations, and military coups.

Drug Trafficking a Major International Problem

International drug trafficking has become a major international problem, destroying the lives of young people and families across the globe.  Targeted drug promotion is also increasingly being used to compromise the national security of countries via cultivating drug addiction to gain control over insiders. This places the drug lords in a position of power by obtaining secrets fundamental to national security.  Exacerbating the stranglehold of drug cartels on the world per se is the fact that vast sums of money obtained through drug trafficking are being used to fund terrorist organizations in many parts of the world. Canine drug detection dogs play a crucial role in combating this scourge.

Sniffer Dogs are the Answer

There is wide agreement that a sniffer dog has the most acute and sensitive sense of smell of all domestic animals. With its millions of olfactory cells, the well-trained sniffer dog can detect odors at levels of 1 in one trillion.  For this reason, sniffer dogs are used in substance detection work all over the world.  The dog handler and drug detection dog team constitutes an effective and proficient technology that is used in numerous applications by widely different organizations.

K9 Drug Detection Sweeps

Sweeps for drug detection with dogs are conducted by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy for various applications:

→  Suspected hiding of illegal drugs on private premises
→  Offices and buildings
→  Business headquarters
→  Call centers
→  Working quarters
→  Rehabilitation centers
→  Schools
→  Private lockers
→  Courier companies – freight parcels
→  Large working areas
→  Cargo bays
→  Shipping areas
→  Transit bays
→  Warehouses
→  Public events
→  Vehicle and baggage searches
→  Public squares
→  Shopping centers

Professionally Trained Personnel

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s training methods enable sweeps to be conducted without people being evacuated.  Our drug detection sweeps are conducted by professionally trained personnel, that comply with PSIRA regulations.  We work in close collaboration with all the relevant security and regulatory institutions.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy provides the best service in K9 dog drug detection sweeps.

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