Research on Eco-product Detection K9 Dogs

Cross-border smuggling of Eco-products necessitates Eco-products Detection Dog K9 training

Cross-border smuggling of eco-products is rife – not only in Africa, but between many countries of the world. Products which play an important role in many countries’ economy and ecological balance are, amongst other things: Fresh meat (various species); Dried meat (various species); Endangered animal species. These are being smuggled between countries on a grand scale, because it is a lucrative trade for many criminals. This created a dire need for Eco-products Detection Dog K9 training.


Eco-products Detection Dog K9 training is a financial as well as ecological necessity

Eco-products Detection Dog K9 Training is not only necessary for financial reasons, but also for ecological

 reasons:  Rare animal species smuggled into a country may carry (a) disease(s) to which the local animal population has no immunity. This can totally wipe out animal species in the receiving country – with grave implications for both the economy and the eco-diversity.

The potential problem is however much wider than merely cross-border smuggling: Sensitive ecological and/or economically important areas within a country must also be protected from infiltration by possibly contaminated species. For example: Contaminated foods, products; and animal or plant species can infiltrate ecologically and/or financially important agricultural areas with devastating effects on the economic well-being of the country and its citizens.

Research into Eco-products Detection Dog K9 Training

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy in South Africa was approached by the government of an African country to do Eco-products Detection Dog K9 Training to detect ecologically important products. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy first did comprehensive research, and then developed a series of techniques and aids in their laboratory that could be used to do Eco-products Detection Dog K9 Training. The results of testing were astounding: Their Eco-products Detection Dogs K9 Training was professional and hugely successful – with a minimum of false indications.


Eco-products Detection Dog K9 Training is yet another Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy success story

As with their narcotics – drugs detection dog K9 training, and explosives – bomb detection dog K9 training, Braveheart is achieving astounding success in the field with their eco-products detection dog K9 training.

 Rather than merely supplying products and aids to international clients via the execution of recurring orders, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy transfers the complete technology on a commercial basis,  enabling clients to execute the entire process in a sustainable fashion. 

A very important aspect of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s offer is that they transfer all the technology needed (both Government and Private enterprises).  This facilitates operating an independent professional dog unit which includes all the above-mentioned techniques, documentation and aids, in a sustainable fashion, with a high operational success rate.