Kenneling at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

Going on Holiday can be a nightmare for responsible dog owners whose dog(s) are an integral part of the family – how can one ensure that the establishment providing kennelling will take proper care of the apple(s) of your eye?


Let Us Allay Your Fears About Your Dog’s Well-Being While In Our Care:

  • The well-being of dogs left in our care is of paramount concern to us.
  • The people looking after the dogs are all highly qualified dog trainers and handlers – and they really love dogs.
  • A unique feature of kenneling at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is the fact that the dogs do not spend the entire period of their stay in kennels – they are taken for walks every day, under strict supervision by trained handlers and minders.
  • Every dog is kenneled in its own separate Bio-Hut™*, a unique, patented dog home developed by the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy to meet every need of dogs, big and small.
  • Strict control is exercised at all times to ensure that there is ample opportunity to develop the dogs’ self-confidence.

*More About The Patented Braveheart Bio-Hut

  • The unique Bio-Hut in which the dogs are kennelled at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy was developed by the owner, John Greyvenstein – an internationally acclaimed expert on dog behaviour and needs. He did extensive research to ensure that the Bio-Hut would create a calm environment for the dog.
  • The Bio-Hut was designed such that dogs in adjoining huts cannot see one another. This is a key feature in keeping the dogs calm.
  • The Bio-Hut has an elevated sleeping area that gives the dog a safe place, should it feel threatened in its new environment.
  • The sleeping area is multi-purpose – with airflow that helps to create a warm air cushion in winter (hot air rises).
  • Underneath the sleeping area is a double insulated cool area, facilitated by the roof and sleeping board, with cold air moving down (in summer).  
  • When cleaning the kennel, the dog has a place where it can avoid the water – preventing anxiety.
  • The self-feeder installed in the Bio-Hut is topped up from outside, eliminating the dog expecting meals, and avoiding jumping.
  • The roof completely encloses the kennel, eliminating radiation heat from the sun, and prevents the walls from attributing to rising temperatures in the kennel.
  • Kennels facing north facilitates the sun shining at a researched unique angle on the entire floor during winter – eliminating pathogens, and facilitating heat regulation.
  • With the dog calm and not jumping, it also prevents wrong exercise that might lead to the development of Hip-Dysplasia.

The Practicalities Of Kennelling Your Dog at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy:

  • The dog must be de-wormed and inoculated (also against rabies) at least two weeks before it is brought to us – and you must provide its inoculation certificate as well.
  • You can bring in and fetch the dog any day of the week, and also on Saturdays until 12 noon.
  • Top dog food and daily exercise and play are included for the kennelling period