Why PSIRA Registration?

Acquiring a PSIRA qualification as a Security Officer, is imperative if a person wants to build a positive career path in the industry.  A PSIRA qualification opens the door to many different career options including:

   Security Officer
   Specialized Security Applications
   Starting your own business

Requirements for Registration with PSIRA as a Security Officer

Any natural person of 18 years or older may be eligible for registration, provided he or she has not at any time been found guilty of an offense specified in the PRISA Act; has not at any time been declared by a competent court to be of unsound mind; and has not at any time been found guilty of improper conduct under section 20 of the Act.

Any Security Service Provider or Organization that wishes to provide or use dogs and/or trained handlers must comply with the minimum standards in terms of the Government Gazette No. 19067 Board Notice 15.

The Minimum Standards determine that:

  • A security officer must be trained at an accredited training center.
  • A security officer working with a dog must be trained at an accredited dog training center.
  • A Security Service Provider who provides dogs and trained handlers must be accredited as a Security Dog Supplier.
  • Clients who make use of security officers: the PSIRA act requires that the security officers must comply with legislation, and that clients must do the necessary due diligence on their service providers to ensure that Security Service Providers comply with the relevant legislation.
  • All security officers working with dogs must be trained at a PSIRA accredited dog training center.
  • All dogs used must have the necessary identification and must have been trained at an accredited dog training center.

No employer rendering a security service may require of a non-registered employee to render any security service; and no unregistered employee may allow his employer to use him or her for any such service. Penalties and possibly imprisonment may occur if this rule is not strictly adhered to.

Career Pathing for Security Officers

Enrolling at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

Before you can become a dog handler, you must be registered with PSIRA as a security officer. By enrolling at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy you can achieve dog handler status in a substantially shorter period, because the basic PSIRA training and specialized dog handler training are combined.


Dog Handler Standards:

DH1 Basic obedience and aggression on leash. Classification and use of dog breeds.
Care and utilization of dog breeds
DH2 Advanced obedience and aggression on leash.
Working with your dog in an environment where people are present.
DH3 Advanced obedience and aggression + remote control.
5 – 10-meter distance control with your dog.
DH4 Highest level of obedience, independent work on and off leash.  Apprehension of a criminal.
DH5 Substance detection (narcotics, explosives etc.).
Full control of your dog.

Why choose Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy to get your PSIRA qualifications?

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is a one-stop destination: If a student registers for and completes the training at the Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy Campus near Pretoria (just off the N4 to the North), assessing and moderating take place on the campus; and we also arrange registration with PSIRA.

Students who are interested in starting their own business can also do DH5 at the Academy. 

Full Board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and Lodging for students are available on the campus in a well-appointed guesthouse with a rustic charm, if required.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy offers all the necessary skills programs to assist any handler or person to do the different levels of dog related work, and to be able to articulate with other skilled programs.