Socialization of Young Dogs (Puppy Training)

One of the most important phases in a dog’s development is between the ages of 12 and 16 weeks. During this period, a socialization (Puppy Training) process must take place that will determine the course of all further development.

Training a dog is like building a house: One should start at the foundation – in the case of socialization (Puppy Training) of a young dog, the foundation for all future behavior must be laid when a dog is between 12 and 16 weeks old.

The socialization (Puppy Training) process is designed to develop a balanced relationship between the dog and humans, and between the dog and other dogs and animals. The foundation is also laid for life-long self-confidence of the dog.

Socialization (Puppy Training) results in basic control by its owner or handler, and obedience by the dog; and the dog develops the ability to react correctly to instructions. Through this process, harmony is created between the dog and humans as well as other dogs and animals inhabiting its living space.

Then you come to fetch your dog at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy after completion of the socialization (Puppy Training) process, you are also taught how to handle the dog correctly and to give continuous development training at home. This takes up approximately 30 minutes.

Socialization (Puppy Training) training by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy normally takes around two weeks, and is conducted at our Academy 35 km east of Pretoria, close to the N4 highway to Witbank.

Kenneling and food for the dog during Puppy Training are included in the training fee – which also creates the ideal opportunity to have your dog socialized when you go on holiday, saving you kenneling fees for the two weeks – and the dog can be kenneled for a further period, if arranged beforehand.

Socialization (Puppy Training) is of course the ideal prelude to advanced training once a dog has reached the right age. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is accredited by PSIRA (Private Security Industry regulating authority) aa well as by SASSETA (Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority).

The owner of the Academy is John Greyvenstein. He has a Master Degree in Genetics and did his thesis on working dogs. He is one of the most highly accredited dog trainers in the country, and also facilitates dog training overseas.

John Greyvenstein personally evaluates all dogs, and all socialization (Puppy Training) training takes place under his personal supervision.