Research on K9 Explosives Detection Dogs

To empower Security Dog Trainers and Handlers to take the performance  of K9 Explosives Detection Dogs to the highest possible level (DH5), Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy developed Braveheart Bio-aids.  These are detection aids that give the dog a clear indication of what it is searching for, without posing a health threat to either Trainer, Handler, or Dog, and cannot be abused by anybody.


K9 Explosives Detection Dogs

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s trained K9 Explosives Detection Dogs can detect all commercial and military explosives, even the so-called Mother of Satan explosives that for a long time could escape detection by Dogs and Handlers as well as by security equipment at entry ports such as airports, because they contain no metal whatsoever.

Braveheart K9 Explosives Detection Dogs’ Crucial Role

Braveheart K9 Explosives Detection Dogs play a pivotal role in safeguarding not only people and communities against terror attacks and crime, but contribute greatly to the safety and stability – also on the economic front – of countries , Not only do terror attacks using explosives kill and maim scores of innocent citizens, they threaten the very political and economic fiber of countries at many levels, and make it impossible for a government to fulfill its protection and safety mandate towards its citizens.



Research crucial to the training of K9 Detection Dogs

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy conducts ongoing research on the training of K9 Explosives Detection Dogs as well as Handlers, as the strength and success of any Explosives busting operation lies in the Dog and Handler being able to function optimally as a team. On the training side, the campus at Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy also features an area designed to simulate real life environments in which a K9 Explosives Detection Dog and Handler team will be required to operate.


International Media (News)


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E Nuus – Snuffel deurbraak vir SA se honde _ SA dogs sniff out dangerous explosives    Euro News – South Africa_ sniffer dogs to combat previously undetectable explosives


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