Rent a Dog for Professional Security Services

Rent a Dog Services were started by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy because many firms, institutions, entertainment and sports venues, and diverse organizations have incidental or seasonal need for the services of properly trained service dogs and handlers. These can include once-off or periodic sweeps for possible drugs and/or explosive devices; patrol duties; crime prevention; crowd control; tracking; and associated applications. Because these actions do not warrant the cost of full time dogs and handlers, Rent a Dog has been created to full this gap in the market needs.

Why specifically use dogs or Rent a Dog?

Rent-a-Dog_Handler and Dog05It has been proven conclusively that the visible presence of a dog acts as a prime deterrent for trespassing, vandalism, theft, or unruly behavior. A team of a properly trained dog handler and dogs are more effective than a number of security officers without dogs. It is also true that Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy trained sniffer dogs can even detect explosives like the new variety of “Mother of Satan” explosives that cannot be picked up by electronic devices like x-ray machines because they contain no metal whatsoever, and are too unstable to train normal detection dogs.  They are equally effective for detecting drugs, or eco-products like dried or fresh meat, or endangered fauna species being smuggled through border posts.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy Rent a Dog Services

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy

  • Runs a highly professional training academy for dogs and handlers to fulfill general guarding or specialized tasks;
  • Is one of only a few dog and handler training centers in South Africa that are accredited with Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) to the highest level (DH5), as well as with Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA) to the highest level (Substance Detection);
  • Provides Certificates of Competence for both Dog and Handler.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Rent a Dog Services Patrol Dogs

Rent-a-Dog_Handler and Dog01Braveheart offers a very important Rent a Dog Service to the Security Industry by providing professionally trained Patrol Dogs for Security purposes. The objective is:

  • To provide dog and handler teams that can work in any environment where staff and/or members of the public are present.
  • Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy Rent a Dog Service also make an important contribution towards assisting security firms to fully comply with all relevant PSIRA Legislation and Regulations.

Trained Patrol Dogs are provided at two different levels:

  • DH2 – the dog is trained for basic obedience on leash, and a two-meter attack on leash; for general patrol work, for general patrol work working in an environment like Banks, Car Parks, Sports Venues, Shopping Centers, Residential Complexes etc.
  • DH4 – The dog is trained for basic obedience as well as advanced obedience off leash; to apprehend a criminal where the requirements are more specialized, and to work as a rapid response team.

Rent Substance Detection Dogs from Braveheart

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is a world leader in dog and handler training to detect Narcotics or

Rent-a-Dog_Handler and Dog04Explosives. We have developed the most advanced Braveheart Bio-Strips in the world in our in-house laboratory, for the training of dogs for Drugs and Explosives Detection. The Braveheart Bio-Strips vastly enhance the accuracy of detection, and pose no threat to dog or handler. Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s Explosives Detection Dogs are used to foil terrorists who are planning to commit hideous crimes against humanity; while our Narcotics Detection Dogs can sniff out a vast range of illegal substances like Cocaine, Ecstasy. Heroin, Mandrax, Cannabis, Tik, CAT (Khat), and combination drugs like Nayope and Whoonga. Our Eco-Detection Dogs contribute significantly to preventing the extinction of fauna species and spreading of contagious diseases.

Rent a Dog Services

Braveheart’s Rent a Dog services are primarily made available through Service Providers that comply with all PSIRA legislation and regulations. These stipulate that any Service Provider or organization that wishes to offer the services of dogs and/or trained handlers must comply with the following minimum standards:

  • A security officer working with a dog must have been trained at an accredited dog training center
  • A security officer must have acquired a relevant competency DH certificate issued by PSIRA –

DH1 (entry level), up to DH5 level (substance detection), as required in line with his responsibilities

  • A Security Service Provider who provides dogs and trained handlers must be accredited as a Security Dog Supplier.

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy complies with all PSIRA and SASSETA requirements; runs an accredited Dog Training Centre to the highest level (DH5); and is an accredited Security Dog Supplier.

We ensure that all Service Providers offering Rent a Dog services on behalf of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy comply with all legislation with regard to the enforcement of minimum standards by PSIRA. We also conduct regular inspections and evaluations of dogs and handlers to ensure that the standards of excellence set by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy are being complied with.

NB: An additional advantage to users of Braveheart’s Rent a Dog services is the opportunity to rent the Braveheart Bio-Hut (which complies with PSIRA regulations), including the Bio-Bin, which can be erected and dismantled with a minimum of effort, within a short period of time (from one unit to as many as you need).

The Braveheart Bio-Hut and Bio-Bin

The Bio-Hut is a unique, patented product to enhance the comfort of the working dog, and simplify the task of its minder. This revolutionary kennel has been scientifically designed and tested.

The Bio-Bin is a unique self-feeder for dogs, boasting the following distinctive characteristics:

  • Cost effective: wastage of food is eliminated completely, with a significant saving in labour
  • Food remains dry and hygienic
  • Every dog only eats what is necessary for its specific energy needs.
  • The Bio-Bin is installed inside the Bio-Hut in such a fashion that it can be filled from the outside, obviating the need to go inside to replenish the food supply.

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