K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology

K9 Training International Transfer of Technology

K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is the key to establishing and/or operating successful and sustainable independent dog centres anywhere in the world.

Braveheart Assessors with students after completing their training

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s contribution to K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology

As part of their quest for excellence in the field of security dog and handler related training and aids, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy does extensive ongoing research over a wide spectrum to find the best holistic approach to the training of security dogs and handlers; scientifically based training methods and material as well as assessing techniques; and the development of scientific aids for the training of substance (drugs and explosives) and eco-products detection dogs and handlers.

The combination of these above services, techniques, and products form the basis of the quest to ensure that all our services and dog and handler training techniques as well as aiding products are of the highest international standard. This is made possible by the K9 Dog Training International Transfer of technology.

K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology is The Key to Sustainability

Rather than merely supplying products and training aids to international clients via the execution of recurring orders, Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy transfers the complete technology on a commercial basis, because K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology enables clients to execute the entire process regarding dog and handler training completely on their own. An important aspect of Braveheart’s offer is that the company can assist South-African as well as international clients (both Government and Private) to establish and run a professional Dog Centre that incorporates all the above-mentioned techniques, documentation and aids in a sustainable fashion.  The philosophical point of departure when establishing Dog Units internationally is to ensure that the unit will be able to operate independently with the capacity to provide career opportunities for citizens of its own country.









The advantages of K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology

K9 Dog Training International Transfer of Technology by Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy is comprehensive:

Braveheart has its own internal research unit and fully equipped laboratory on its campus in which it develops and manufactures the Braveheart Bio-Strips enabling detection dogs to detect narcotics,

explosives, and eco-products. Narcotics that can be detected include Cocaine, Ecstasy, Heroin, Mandrax, Cannabis, Tik, CAT (Khat), and combination drugs like Nayope and Whoonga. Explosives which can be detected include the new generation of “Mother of Satan” explosives that cannot be detected by conventional devices like X-ray machines, because they contain no metal whatsoever. Eco-products detected include fresh and dried meat of various species as well as live animals of various species – including species in danger of extinction. Since 2005, Braveheart’s combination of Bio-Strips and training has been receiving wide positive media (especially television) coverage internationally. An important part of the transfer of technology is that Braveheart shares the technology to manufacture their own Braveheart Bio-Strips with international buyers, rather than continuously having to sell Bio-Strips to these entities. In this way continuity and sustainability is achieved through the transfer of knowledge, skills, technology, and the implementation of quality management systems and procedures.

NB: the owner of Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy, John Greyvenstein is not only internationally recognized as a world authority on the training of working dogs, but also on establishing independent Dog Centres internationally; as well as evaluating existing Dog Centres and other security systems making use of dogs and handlers, with specific emphasis on application and cost control.