Do you need a tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) in your business?

Potential clients are often uncertain about how they can apply a tracker dog /anti-poaching dog in their business, school, church, factory, or on their farms. Fact of the matter is that a tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) trained by professionals can play a positive and sometimes even vital role in all of the above.

Farmers, hunters, security firms, schools, churches, factories, and businesses need a tracker dog /anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) trained by professionals for various applications.

 Applications for a tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine)

Cattle theft is endemic in parts of South Africa. Around 177 thousand livestock (cattle, sheep and goats) are stolen annually, costing South African farmers around R182 million (Beeld Newspaper 28.05.15). A tracker dog can in many cases track where fence security had been breached, and may even track where stolen livestock had been taken to.

After a break-in/attempted break-in at a house, and/or small-time theft (of equipment, a sheep or chicken, for example) a tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) may be able to lead you/the local area watch group to the criminal’s hideout, where, the stolen goods/animals may also be recovered.

Security firms should be able to provide a tracking service to their clients after a break-in. For instance: Businesses/factories have many theft problems – necessitating the use of a professionally trained tracker / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) and handler team.

The use of a tracker / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) by hunters is obvious – unless, of course, you can guarantee that you will instantly kill the prey every single time, never having the need to track down a wounded animal.

Tracking does not come naturally to dogs – a suitable dog must be trained specifically for tracking / anti-poaching – and the effectiveness of a tracking dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) to a large extent depends on the quality of training received by the dog, by its handler, and by them as a team.

Braveheart’s tracker dog /anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy’s tracker dog / anti-poaching dog training comprises assessing a scene for possible tracks; providing a scent to the dog; preparing the dog to follow a scent; utilizing the dog to follow the scent track; and to locate and identify a suspect or animal that was being followed.

A tracker dog / anti-poaching dog’s K9 (Canine) training comprises being trained in obedience, with or without aggression work (depending on the client’s requirements). Tracks of various lengths and time of scent trail form part of the training.

Success in using a tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) depends largely on the handler and dog being trained as a team, resulting in them operating as a successful team.

Research on tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training

Braveheart Bio-Dog Academy has done extensive research on this aspect of dog training, and to accommodate continuation training to operate as a successful team.

There is no specific breed of dog that is most suitable for tracking dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training – vastly different breeds can be trained to become tracking / anti-poaching K9 (Canine) dogs.

NB: Training is proficiency based (until the dog has been trained to the level of its natural potential), NOT for a predetermined period of time.

Selling tracker / anti-poaching dogs K9 (Canine) after training

Braveheart sells trained tracker dogs / anti-poaching dogs K9 (Canine) to security firms as well as individuals, and trains you/an employee to be part of a team; training your dog and its handler to form a successful tracking team.

 Location for tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training

Training takes place at our Academy 35 km east of Pretoria (the capital city of South Africa), close to the N4 highway to Witbank. We conduct tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training in Pretoria.  Our academy also conducts tracker dog / anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine) training in Gauteng as a whole, Nationally and Internationally. 

Tracker Dog / Anti-poaching dog K9 (Canine)

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